Pink Techniques and Esthetics With Fluoride-releasing Bioactive Gingiva-colored Nanohybrid Composites

Released: Thursday, April 20, 2017

Expires: Tuesday, March 31, 2020

By Frank J. Milnar, DDS

Commercial Supporter: Shofu

The composition of the smile architecture includes pink gingiva and white tooth structure that complement each other in balance and harmony. While the health and appearance of gingival tissues significantly affect smile esthetics, many patients present with gingival recession that contributes to unsightly smile esthetics. New bioresponsive direct restorative materials represent an opportunity for dentists to directly correct the appearance of an “absence of pink” in a cost-effective and minimally invasive manner, placed according to a comprehensive understanding of the pink components of the smile and requisites for gingival health.


  • Discuss the significance of pink esthetics to the composition of the smile architecture.

  • Discuss considerations for using direct composite restorative materials to restore pink esthetics.

  • Explain the mechanics of building prosthetic gingival restorations with bioactive pink composites.

  • Identify the elements of the armamentarium needed for reproducing pink gingival esthetics.

About the Author

Frank J. Milnar, DDS
Private Practice, St. Paul, Minnesota

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