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Minimally Invasive Restoration of Worn Dentition: Understanding “Complete Dentistry” Concepts

By Ian Buckle, DDS

Supported by Dawson Academy

Understanding the complete dentistry process and occlusion is the key to providing minimal cost-effective, predictable, long-lasting, and esthetic restorations that are appropriate for each individual.

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Biofilms: The Oral-Systemic Connection

By Gregori M. Kurtzman, DDS, MAGD

Supported by Philips Oral Healthcare

This article discusses how the formation of oral biofilm can be a major factor leading to periodontal disease and also describes maladies associated with periodontal disease.

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Pink Techniques and Esthetics With Fluoride-releasing Bioactive Gingiva-colored Nanohybrid Composites

By Frank J. Milnar, DDS

Supported by Shofu

This article explains the mechanics of building prosthetic gingival restorations with bioactive pink composites.

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Bioactive Material Considerations for Vital Pulp-Capping Protocols

By Mark L. Cannon, DDS, MS

Supported by BISCO, Inc.

This article reviews the development of bioactive pulp-capping materials in response to demanding clinical requirements.

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Predictable, Profitable, and Efficient Posterior Composite Restorations

By Parag R. Kachalia, DDS

Supported by Kerr Corporation

It is important to understand that successful posterior restorations are a combination of using the correct adhesive, composite resin, and polymerization. This eBook will look at the advances in each of these areas and help practitioners understand that posterior composite restorations can be placed in a predictable, profitable, and efficient manner.

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Universal Adhesives: Are They Truly Universal?

By Gregg A. Helvey, DDS, MAGD, CDT

Supported by Parkell, Inc.

Are universal adhesives truly universal, can they be used without limit or exception, and if so, do those exceptions depend on the conditions? This eBook will focus on the different application modes and the most predictable bonding techniques in an attempt to answer these questions.

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Recent Advances in Digital Impressions

By Adam Hodges, DMD

Supported by 3M

Digital impressions have been shown to be as, if not more, accurate than traditional techniques, and they take less time and increase patient satisfaction. This eBook will discuss the transition and its impact on how dentistry is practiced.

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Clinical Concerns and Common Misconceptions Regarding Zirconia Restorations

By Nathaniel Lawson, DMD, PhD; and Chin Chuan Fu, DDS, MS

Supported by Keating Dental Arts

This eBook provides a simplified explanation of the structure of zirconia and how that structure affects several clinical situations. It also presents and discusses common concerns and misconceptions regarding zirconia.

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A Review of Past and Future Advances in Dental Cement

By James F. Simon, DDS, MEd; and Bruce Hamilton, MS, DDS

Supported by Kuraray America, Inc.

Over the years, dentistry has gone through numerous cements and techniques searching for the ideal cement. This article will review some of the newly evolved resin cement systems, presenting the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Exquisite Impressions: A Key to Restoration Success

By Lee Ann Brady, DMD

Supported by Parkell, Inc.

Being able to accurately capture an impression affects the dentistry we provide everyday. This eBook discusses four impression materials and proper technique in order to maximize accuracy and achieve exquisite final impressions.

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Cementation in Dentistry Today

By John C. Comisi, DDS, MAGD

Supported by Kuraray America, Inc.

Indirect restorative materials have changed significantly over the past 30 years; this article discusses the available agents, and overviews the applications of dental cements.

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Enhancing Dental Professionals' Response to Intimate Partner Violence

By Judy Henderson

Supported by Parkell, Inc.

IPV is a serious problem that requires a serious response from all healthcare providers, including dental healthcare providers; this article discusses how dental professionals can provide support and safe resources for patients who are victims of IPV.

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Streamlining and Simplifying Denture Fabrication with Digital Processes

By Larry R. Holt, DDS

Supported by Kulzer

Digital denture-making processes are revolutionizing the way practitioners and laboratories approach these prostheses. Learn more about how this technology can optimize patient care.

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