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Unexpected: Managing Oral Health in a Complicated Pregnancy

Maria L. Geisinger, DDS, MS; et al

The dental team's understanding of potential pregnancy complications is critical to the overall well-being of all pregnant patients. 


2 CEU • Cost: $16 • Expires May 31, 2023

CE Article

Applying Classical Esthetic Principles to Create a Predictable Illusion of Symmetry While Using Digital Technology

Joyce Bassett, DDS

A thorough understanding of classical esthetic principles, including basic tooth shape and form rules, is crucial to achieve successful outcomes.

2 CEU • Cost: $16 • Expires April 30, 2023

CE Article

Pulpal Diagnosis and Treatment

James Bahcall, DMD, MS; et al

This article explores the types of pulpal nerves and their function, discusses sensibility and vitality testing, presents the current pulpal diagnostic terminology, and proposes an updated system. 


2 CEU • Cost: $16 • Expires February 28, 2023

CE Article

Understanding Tooth Morphology

Adamo E. Notarantonio, DDS


This article examines the basics of tooth morphology, including shape, color, and texture. 


2 CEU • Cost: $16 • Expires January 31, 2023